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At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin Counselling can give you help and support to deal with stress-related issues in your life, including worry and stress arising from various life difficulties and crises; help to adjust to changes such as bereavement, retirement, relationship issues etc; and help to alleviate emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, anger and low self-esteem issues etc.

Our solution focused counselling approach can help you to resolve your issues as quickly as possible, typically in 4 to 6 sessions.   As well as  talking and listening to you, we also teach you techniques that you can use to help yourself manage stress, worry and anxiety etc. We usually finish each session with  relaxation so you can leave feeling good. Most people start to feel better right from the first session. We can help you to resolve your issues, build resilience, confidence and lasting emotional health; feel better and improve your quality of life.

If you are looking for Counselling in Dublin or online to help deal with some issue, Mary is an experienced Counsellor at Solution Focused Therapy Dublin who will be happy to help you.

Online counselling may be a good option as there is no difference in the structure of the session. A virtual experience is facilitated via a private video meeting.

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”I’m back at work since Mon. Feeling great. Thanks a mil” M


”I’ve had the best week since the lockdown began. Thank you” David

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