Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery and Visualisation

Everyone has an imagination. It is one of our natural resources. You can be taught various visualisation techniques and the skill of how to use your imagination effectively to help yourself in many positive ways. The range of possibilities is endless, and includes relaxation, anxiety and stress management, setting and achieving goals such as sports improvement;  building self-confidence, overcoming fears and improving your emotional as well as your physical health. Visualisation is a way of using your imagination to help you achieve your goals, and can be powerfully motivating when used for issues such as changing habits or self-improvement. And when it is used for goals such as overcoming fear or for improving your emotional or physical health, using the power of your mind in this way can give you a powerful sense of control.

Guided imagery is a process where you are helped to use your imagination effectively through guided visualisation techniques designed for helping you with specific issues. Guided visualisations can include relaxation imagery, mental rehearsals, visual metaphors and symbolic imagery.

These techniques have been used effectively for centuries and originate from eastern traditions. However it is only in recent years that the positive benefits can be scientifically validated by viewing brain scans which show the changes in brain activity that occur while engaging in guided visualisations. The benefits can also be measured in other ways, including increased relaxation levels, enhanced performance levels etc. Visualisation techniques are used mainly in sports psychology and psychological therapy. They also have tremendous potential in the area of health care and combating physical illness, working with the mind-body connection; and the mind-body connection has been identified by extensive studies, as a factor in many physical health conditions.

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin Mary has vast experience of utilising guided imagery techniques in her practice. She would be happy to show you how to use them effectively to help yourself. Contact Mary and she can help you.

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