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Anger Management

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At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin Anger Management can help you to deal with and eliminate anger, whatever the cause or however it affects you personally.  We can help you Feel Calm Relaxed in Control.

Anger is a normal human emotion but it is problematic when anger becomes excessive and manifests in uncontrollable outbursts. It can ruin lives as work and relationships suffer. Excessive anger can sometimes have an obvious trigger, but also can seem to occur out of the blue. Anger always results from stress or an underlying issue that needs to be identified and addressed

Anger Management

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin Mary is an experienced therapist who can give you effective help to deal with anger. She can help you identify and break the patterns of anger-related behaviour and achieve lasting benefit by dealing with all the contributory factors which results in stopping angry outbursts from recurring.

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Success Stories

”Mary, thanks so much for helping me. The angry reactions have stopped completely and my relationship is getting better now. I was a bit skeptical at first when you thought this could be achieved in just three or four sessions, but it did work out and I am so relieved.” Peter

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