Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin we use the best techniques to help you to achieve a healthy weight with our weight loss hypnosis programme.

What is a healthy weight?

The guideline for a healthy weight is a calculation of your BMI (Body Mass Index). A BMI in the range 20 to 24.9 indicates a healthy weight. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 indicates that a person is overweight. A BMI of above 30 indicates that a person is in the obese range.

How can Hypnotherapy help with weight loss?

Hypnotherapy helps you to access and harness the power of your unconscious mind using hypnosis. The unconscious mind is the dominant part of the mind. It dominates over our rational thinking mind. And as cravings and emotions arise in our unconscious mind, hypnotherapy has an important role to play in programming new behaviour and helping you to achieve a healthy weight. At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin our approach to helping you is holistic and is tailored to individual needs. Our approach involves a combination of coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis. This is a positive approach that can help you to lose weight easily and naturally while feeling satisfied with healthy choices of eating and exercising, as through hypnosis your appetite is satisfied with modest portions of food and you adopt ‘thin person’ habits. This approach helps you to increase and maintain motivation to achieve a healthy goal weight, and to permanently adopt the new habit patterns that made this possible.

How many sessions will you need?

The number of sessions needed varies from one individual to another. We start with a two session programme and follow up with further sessions as required.


Weight loss hypnosis was tried and tested at Solution Focused Therapy Dublin by Image Magazine as featured in ‘Drop a Dress Size Fast’ in November 2012 issue.

What Image Magazine had to say about their experience at Solution Focused Therapy Dublin:

This was something I had never heard of until it was recommended to me by several friends. I particularly liked hypnotherapy for the positive, non-restrictive approach of being able to eat foods that I enjoy, instead of a quick-fix solution.

The one-to-one session started with discussion, which included assessment of my weight, a brief look at my eating habits, reasons why I am overweight, and my reasons for wanting to lose weight. A goal weight was set, as well as an interim target for the first half stone of weight loss.

A strategy was agreed, which included eating smaller quantities of what I had been eating all along and increasing exercise. I was given a hypnosis CD to listen to at home, which was designed to help reinforce the behavioural changes needed for losing weight. I was also taught psychological techniques to use at home to control appetite and deal with specific issues.

Everything was tailored to my individual needs, which I really liked, and I definitely felt that the core issues with my overeating were being taken into account too. The hypnosis itself was so relaxing; I actually fell asleep at one stage, but was assured that the message still goes into my brain the same as listening to it in bed at night and nodding off.

So far I have completed the initial two sessions of hypnotherapy and I can say that it feels like a very natural process. For example, I had hardly even noticed, until we were reviewing things at the second session, that I was now eating only a little chocolate, compared to finishing off the whole lot. This is a good long term strategy, as opposed to just a quick-fix. I am optimistic about dropping a dress size over the next few weeks. – TK

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