Success Stories – Testimonials

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Thanks Mary for all your help. Those spiralling negative thoughts have completely stopped. I am happy and I feel I have my life back. I really appreciate your help. – Sonia

The presentation went well. Thanks again – Emer

Got through the MRI. The techniques worked. Such a relief. Thanks a mil – Mark

I’m doing well, relaxed, sleeping well, in good form, motivated. Still using the techniques. You really helped me. Thanks so much – Ann Marie

Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks

I was going through a stressful time at work and as things got worse I ended up having 4 or 5 panic attacks every day. Mary was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. I am so grateful to Mary for helping me to stop the panic attacks and feel in control again. Mary helped me to understand why I was having them and what had triggered them off. Even though this made sense, I wasn’t aware of it. She used special techniques to deal with this, and also taught me techniques to use at home. I was so relieved that it only took four sessions to feel well and confident. Thank you – Margaret (Dublin)

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Depression

Your help when I needed it so badly has been wonderful and I am so appreciative of the changes you have helped me make

Anger Management

I appreciate all the time you gave me in the counselling sessions and the techniques you taught me. I’m glad I went ahead with the counselling online. The five sessions have made such a difference in my life. I’m rid of the anger now. Thanks again. Joe

Thanks again Mary for your help with my anger issues. Those situations don’t trigger a response any more. The Zoom sessions were a lifesaver in the lockdown. Declan

Mary, thanks so much for helping me. The angry reactions have stopped completely and my relationship is getting better now. I was a bit skeptical at first when you thought this could be achieved in just three or four sessions, but it did work out and I am so relieved. Peter

Depression Treatment

When I went to Mary for help I had been anxious and stressed for a long time and I had been getting more and more depressed. I wasn’t sleeping well and my energy levels were poor. Mary’s approach was great and it gave me a lift straight away. I liked the way she explained everything in such a simple way. It gave me hope. And I felt great after the relaxation at the end of the session each time. Mary advised me on things to do to help myself in the long run and helped me to get motivated to start doing things and she showed me techniques that helped too between sessions. I am back on track now and continue taking Mary’s advice on board and continue using the tools she gave me to manage to stay feeling good. Thank you – John (Co. Wicklow)

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

I avoided flying for years. The very idea would fill me with dread. Then Mary was recommended by a friend. I was apprehensive at first but Mary assured me this was normal and I quickly settled, especially after the first session when I felt so relaxed. All three sessions were very relaxing. A couple of weeks later I flew to Edinburgh for a weekend. It was a lovely trip. I almost forgot what it had been like before the hypnotherapy. I now have a great sense of freedom thanks to Mary’s help – Grainne (Dublin)

Hypnotherapy for IBS

I had IBS for six years before going to Mary for hypnotherapy. I had been to my GP but it didn’t help much. It really affected my life in so many ways. I was worrying all the time. I couldn’t even travel anywhere without planning out toilet stops. I didn’t have the confidence to go for a change of job. That’s when I read up and found out about the hypnotherapy treatment they are using in the UK, and found Mary on the register of IBS therapists. Mary was so understanding, and the hypnotherapy was really relaxing. It has really changed my life. I have no diarrhoea or pain or bloating any more. And I feel more confident now. Thank you – Eileen (Dublin)

Counselling – Psychotherapy

I went to Mary for counselling to try and sort out my own issues as I was having problems in my relationship, feeling anxious and confused. Mary suggested that we include some hypnotherapy in the sessions, which was great and a nice way to end the sessions. She taught me a lot about how to deal with thoughts and feelings and different techniques that are very useful. Although I still get negative thoughts sometimes, I can now stop myself going into a downward spiral by using these techniques. I feel better in myself now and able to move ahead with my relationship without all the worrying anymore. – Thank you. Maria (Dublin)

I feel much better after four counselling and psychotherapy sessions with Mary. She is very person-centred and was generous with her time. One of the things that I found most helpful was the techniques that she taught me to deal with anxiety. I had been to therapy before and although it had helped me to understand my thoughts and feelings, I hadn’t learned any techniques to deal with them, especially with the feelings. The techniques that Mary taught me has given me a sense of confidence and control and I feel more optimistic now – Elaine (Dublin)