Hypnotherapy for Health

Hypnotherapy for Health

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and natural way of working with the mind-body system. It utilises hypnosis and guided imagery to deal with health issues such as alleviating pain, IBS and symptoms of stress etc; and for complementing medical treatments to potentially enhance their effectiveness and for general health improvement.

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin, Mary is an experienced counsellor and hypnotherapist (previously a nurse). Mary can give you help and support to deal with health issues and to improve your health and wellness by alleviating the effects that stress can have on your health. Mary can help you to break the cycle of anxiety and stress, the mind-body connection that may be exacerbating medical issues such as IBS or chronic pain. She can help to alleviate anxiety associated with medical issues such as upcoming surgery, and using hypnosis to prepare for surgery has been studied and shown to also help with being more relaxed after surgery and to have less need for pain medication, and to improve healing.

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