Human Givens

Human Givens & Psychological Well-being

A Framework for a Fulfilled Life

Our emotional needs and innate resources are the human givens. These emotional needs and innate resources are  are givens of our human nature. They are emotional needs that we are all born with, and fortunately most of us are also born with the innate resources to help us get those emotional needs met, but we need to use our innate resources correctly to do so.

Decades of health and social research have revealed that these emotional needs are vital if we are to achieve a good sense of  psychological well-being and feel fulfilled in our lives. Our innate resources are our internal guidance system and factors such as stress, anxiety or trauma can inhibit us from using those resources correctly.

Emotional Needs

A sense of security
An intimate friendship
Social connection
A sense of status
Autonomy & control
A sense of achievement
Meaning & purpose

Innate Resources

A curious mind
Long term memory
Ability to connect and
build rapport
Emotion and instincts
A conscious rational mind
A pattern matching
unconscious mind
An observing self
A dreaming brain

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin we can help you to understand your emotional needs – human givens –  how to get your emotional needs met in balance – and also how to use your innate resources correctly – which is important for good emotional health and well-being. And we can help you deal with any inhibiting factors such as stress, anxiety or trauma etc.

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