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Panic attacks are episodes of overwhelming intense anxiety.

Panic attack symptoms can include feelings of extreme nervousness, shortness of breath or hyperventilation, heart palpitations or racing heart, chest discomfort, trembling, choking sensations, feeling unreal or detached, sweating, nausea or upset stomach, feeling light-headed, and having a feeling of fear of losing control.

Panic attacks are triggered off by the ‘fight-or-flight’ mechanism whose primary function is to alert us to danger. This mechanism is triggered by stress, and sometimes what can happen is that stress builds up to an overwhelming level and a situation occurs where a person reaches their tolerance level, and then when more stress is added, it is one too many; and this triggers a panic attack (this can be likened to blowing a gasket). Panic attacks can also occur as a post-traumatic stress reaction, following a traumatic experience. Firing off of the ‘fight-or-flight’ mechanism is an unconscious process, and when situations are encountered, where a trauma or panic attack previously occurred (or a situation resembling it in some way), another one may be triggered off, because this situation is unconsciously perceived as a threat. This can happen because details of what happened are stored in the sensory emotional memory, although you may not always be consciously aware of what is triggering it off.

Panic Attack Treatment

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin, anxiety and panic attack treatment is among our specialties and we have expertise in working effectively with these unconscious processes. We can teach you how to control panic attacks, and in most cases, to ultimately eliminate them. At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin, Mary is an experienced therapist who uses Hypnotherapy and Counselling, tailored to individual needs and preferences. Our effective panic attack treatment involves not only helping you to alleviate the panic attack symptoms, but also helps you deal with contributory factors such as anxiety and stress; and we use techniques to break the pattern of the unconscious processes that are sustaining the panic attacks, and also help to create new neural pathways. This is important in achieving lasting benefit. Our holistic approach helps you to achieve good emotional health and well-being and feel good.

If you are looking for effective help to deal with panic attacks, contact Mary at Solution Focused Therapy Dublin and she will be happy to help you.

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