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Mindfulness is a mental technique that involves focusing your mind ‘in the now’ in a way that involves paying attention on purpose in a particular way; and includes mindfulness meditation and mindfulness self-help techniques.

These techniques can be integrated into your daily routine to help you to manage stress and anxiety and they can also be used as self-help interventions to manage issues such as excessive dwelling on the past, rumination and depression.

Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular as many of these techniques are so easy to integrate¬†into one’s normal routine, and there is much research indicating their effectiveness.

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin we can teach you mindfulness techniques and how to utilise them effectively to manage stress or to deal with any current issues in your life; and to have a toolbox that you can use at any time in the future. This is an excellent way that you can use the natural resource of your mind to help yourself.