Mind-Body Therapy

Mind-Body Therapy

Mind-Body Therapy

What is Mind-Body Therapy?

Mind-body therapy is complementary therapy that utilises the healing potential of the mind on physiological systems of the body.

It works with the powerful influences of thoughts, emotions, attitudes and mental images to enhance the mind’s positive impact on the body.

These thoughts, emotions, attitudes and mental images are mental states of mind and each one has a physiological effect on the body, which can be a positive or negative effect. This is called the mind-body connection.

Mind-body therapy techniques that are used to work with these mental states of mind to enhance health and wellbeing include relaxation, guided imagery, hypnosis and meditation, as well as psychotherapy approaches.

This complementary therapy can help with a wide range of issues including alleviation of stress and anxiety symptoms, pain management, alleviation of IBS symptoms etc It can help you to take charge of your health and give you an increased sense of control and wellbeing.

Research using MRI and PET scans has provided insight into how mind-body therapy works, and there is a growing body of research pointing to the effectiveness of this complementary therapy.

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