Hypnosis for IBS

Hypnosis for IBS Treatment

‘Hypnosis for IBS’ is an excellent hypnotherapy treatment that can help alleviate IBS. It is a natural IBS  treatment that can complement other treatments or can be used where medical treatment has been unsuccessful. Hypnotherapy has been proven by medical research to be effective for the majority of IBS sufferers. It has a proven track record going back more than 20 years as an effective treatment and, as a result of this, it is a treatment that is recommended by the NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) UK treatment guidelines.

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin we we are experienced in utilising hypnotherapy for IBS with successful outcomes. We can help you to alleviate the physical symptoms of IBS and any accompanying emotional aspects such as stress or anxiety, and to break the cycle of mind-body reactions which are sustaining and intensifying the symptoms. Even in the most severe and chronic cases, all symptoms can be alleviated and lasting relief can be achieved with hypnotherapy. If you suffer badly with IBS, hypnotherapy can change your life.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is a common problem that affects approximately 1 in 8 people. Alteration in bowel function can occur when one is under intense stress, and often some psychological stressor initially triggers it off. IBS symptoms can include constipation, diarrhoea, pain, bloating etc. In some cases IBS can be so severe that it impacts on a person’s life causing emotional stress of worry and anxiety that intensify and prolong the symptoms. In such cases not only has one to endure the physical symptoms, but one can also become worried and anxious regarding how to deal with these symptoms in one’s everyday life situation. This worry and anxiety can then result in a cycle of mind-body reactions which intensify and prolong the symptoms (stress can cause physical symptoms, and physical symptoms can also cause stress). It is not surprising that IBS often responds poorly to pharmacological treatment alone and that Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment.

It is not necessary to have a medical referral for Hypnotherapy for IBS but it is important that you have had a medical diagnosis to out-rule any other possible causes of your symptoms. Contact us at Solution Focused Therapy Dublin and we will be happy to help you.

Testimonials – Success Stories

I had IBS for 6 years before going to Mary for Hypnotherapy. I had been to my GP but it didn’t help much. It really affected my life in so many ways. I was worrying all the time. I couldn’t even travel anywhere without planning out toilet stops. I didn’t have the confidence to go for a change of job. That’s when I read up and found out about the hypnotherapy treatment they are using in the UK, and found Mary on the register of IBS therapists. Mary was so understanding, and the hypnotherapy was really relaxing. It has really changed my life. I have no diarrhoea or pain or bloating any more. And I feel more confident now. Thank you. Eileen (Dublin)

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