Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy

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Hypnosis for fear of flying is a hypnotherapy treatment that can help you to successfully overcome your fear/phobia quickly and easily and give you the freedom to enjoy flying.

Fear of flying is an irrational emotional reaction and therefore it can be difficult to treat by logical, rational methods alone. When a fear reaction occurs, the ‘fight or flight’ response is fired off by the amygdala in the unconscious mind. This is an instinctive unconscious response to a perceived threat, which causes repeated firing off of the ‘fight or flight’ each time the ‘feared’ circumstance or situation arises again (until appropriate treatment deals with the emotion which is rooted in the unconscious mind). Sometimes irrational fear such as fear of flying can develop if a person is stressed and it can be exacerbated by worry and misuse of one’s imagination, imagining undesirable scenarios that are never likely to happen. In some cases the emotions can be connected to other insecurities or rooted in issues such as fear of losing control. And in other cases the fear can be caused by a previous upsetting experience which may be connected with flying, the details of which are stored in the emotional memory in the unconscious mind. So with all these unconscious processes in play, it is not surprising that hypnosis for fear of flying can be such a successful treatment.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent treatment because  it works with the unconscious mind and techniques are used to deal with the emotion and break the pattern of the unconscious processes that are sustaining the fear. At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin we can teach you techniques that you can use to help yourself to feel calm and have a sense of control. And we also use guided imagery to help programme in positive visualisations of flying calmly, which is a very powerful technique that is enhanced by using hypnosis. A successful outcome can be achieved in a short number of sessions, sometimes even just one session, depending on individual circumstances. Hypnotherapy is a natural therapy that people usually find to be very relaxing.

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TESTIMONIALS – Success Stories- Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

‘I avoided flying for years. The very idea would fill me with dread. Then Mary was recommended by a friend. I was apprehensive at first but Mary assured me this was normal and I quickly settled,especially after the first session when I felt so relaxed. All three sessions were very relaxing. A couple of weeks later I flew to Edinburgh for a weekend. It was a lovely trip. I almost forgot what it had been like before the hypnotherapy. I now have a great sense of freedom thanks to Mary’s help’.Grainne (Dublin)

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