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Hypnotherapy for insomnia is a treatment that uses hypnosis and a variety of psychological techniques to give you effective help to alleviate insomnia and sleep better.

Insomnia can be caused by various factors such as stress, anxiety, worry, rumination, depression and other emotional issues, including unpleasant dreams. Insomnia can also be caused by lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise habits; and by medical issues, including medication side-effects. You may have difficulty getting to sleep, typically with your mind racing; or difficulty staying asleep; and/or waking up early, often not feeling refreshed. Poor sleeping patterns can persist even when stress and such contributory factors have passed, and you may need some help to break this pattern.

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin, hypnotherapy can help you break this poor sleeping pattern and get a good night’s sleep. Therapy is tailored to your individual needs. We can help you to relax and calm your mind. We can help you with anxiety, worry and stress management, which is important to deal with because excessive worry, anxiety and rumination not only can cause insomnia, but can also overload the dream cycle. And this causes you to wake up feeling tired and  unrefreshed, because the excessive dreaming cuts into your balance of physically resuscitative sleep, and if this persists, it may lead to depression.  

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin, Mary is an experienced hypnotherapist and psychotherapist (previously a nurse). Mary is experienced at helping people to deal with insomnia using hypnosis and a variety of psychological techniques, tailored to individual needs, to help you sleep better and easily deal with associated issues.

If you are looking for help dealing with insomnia contact Mary and she will be happy to help you and to discuss

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‘Mary thanks again for your help and all your advice. I am enjoying retirement now and still sleeping well’ John 

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