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Are you looking for an effective IBS treatment to help you alleviate your IBS symptoms and the accompanying emotional stress?

IBS is more often than not triggered off in the first place, by some emotional stress or event in your life, although you may not necessarily be aware of this. Then when IBS symptoms become severe, this causes stress which worsens the symptoms and sets off what can be called a cycle of mind-body reactions. For treatment to be effective, with lasting benefit, all these factors need to be taken account of and dealt with. And given this cycle of mind-body reactions, it is not surprising that mind-body interventions can be so successful and are recommended as a treatment. 

Mind-body interventions are structured mental interventions eg imagery techniques, which are used to enhance health. The effectiveness of such techniques can be enhanced by the use of hypnosis, and an area of health where this has been used with great success is in the use of gut-specific hypnotherapy for IBS. A considerable body of research has shown this treatment to have a substantial impact on IBS, even in patients unresponsive to standard medical treatments. This treatment has been shown to result in major alleviation of all physical symptoms and alleviation of accompanying psychological  stress, with improvement being maintained in most patients for years after the completion of therapy. If you are looking for an effective IBS treatment,  CONTACT US at Solution Focused Therapy Dublin and we will be happy to help you.

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