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Hypnotherapy for anxiety can give you lasting effective help to alleviate anxiety quickly and feel good. Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of anxiety issues, including generalised anxiety,fear of public speaking, fear of flying, panic attacks, somatic symptoms, IBS, and anxiety in various situations eg medical procedures, preparing for surgery, exams etc. At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin Mary is an experienced therapist who can help you alleviate anxiety, however it affects you personally. Mary can help you feel calmer, happier, in control...

A certain amount of anxiety is normal, but it’s not normal if stress, worry, negative thinking or fear become excessive and affect your sense of wellbeing, perhaps even resulting in avoidance of activities or situations and of depressive feelings; and also affecting your relationships.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety is a treatment that uses hypnosis to access the unconscious part of the mind where negative thoughts and emotions arise, and where the 'fight or flight' triggers anxiety or fear responses in certain situations. Various therapeutic psychological techniques are used, tailored to individual needs, to address negative thoughts, feelings and responses. So this can be a fast and effective way of dealing with anxiety, and most people also find it to be a very relaxing experience. 

Hypnotherapy can help you to alleviate all the symptoms of anxiety, to feel calm and relaxed in your mind and body, to think more clearly with positive thoughts, to improve your decision making, to change how you respond to things, to feel more confident, to feel in control etc. It can help you to overcome whatever has been inhibiting you from feeling free and happy and to improve your sense of well-being. Hypnotherapy includes teaching you techniques that you can use at home to reinforce the therapeutic strategies of each session. Lasting results can be achieved because hypnotherapy helps you to retrain your brain and to create new neural pathways. 

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin, Mary is a hypnotherapist counsellor and psychotherapist with nearly 20 years’ experience of helping people with a wide range of anxiety, emotional and stress-related issues, using the most up-to-date evidence-based techniques to provide the most effective help for her clients. Prior to being a therapist, Mary was a nurse, working in mental health and also general nursing and midwifery. Mary can help you alleviate all the symptoms of anxiety.

If you are looking for hypnotherapy for anxiety, contact Mary at Solution Focused Therapy Dublin and she will be happy to help you and to discuss 

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“Thanks Mary for all your help. Those spiralling negative thoughts have completely stopped. I am happy and I feel I have my life back. I really appreciate your help. “


“The presentation went well. Thanks again”


“ Got through the MRI. The techniques worked. Such a relief. Thanks a mil.”


“I’m doing well, relaxed, sleeping well, in good form, motivated. Still using the techniques. You really helped me. Thanks so much”

Ann Marie

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