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Anxiety can manifest in various ways and arise for various reasons such as excessive stress or an upsetting experience. At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin, anxiety treatment can help you to alleviate anxiety and feel good. Mary is an experienced therapist who can help you deal with anxiety, however it affects you personally; freeing you from negative patterns and empowering you to help yourself by teaching you techniques that you can use to help yourself feel good. 

Normal Anxiety

Everyone experiences normal anxiety from time to time, like having a sense of nervousness before an event such as an exam. This originates from your desire to do well, and the physiological feelings in your body at that time results from the release of stress hormones such as adrenalin, which helps you perform well.

Problematic Anxiety

But anxiety can be problematic if it becomes excessive and affects your daily life and happiness. Sometimes it develops gradually due to stressful issues in your life or because of how you respond to adverse conditions. Anxiety can also develop following a traumatic experience. This can result in a pattern of being anxious in associated circumstances.

Anxiety symptoms

Anxiety symptoms include feelings of nervousness, fear, excessive worrying (causing sleep problems) and negative thoughts. And excessive anxiety can sometimes build up into panic attacks and depression. Symptoms can sometimes take the form of obsessions, compulsions and phobias. Anxiety symptoms can also be physical, some of which may include faster heart rate, faster breathing, sweating, muscle tension, trembling, and upset digestive system.

Stress and anxiety can have some symptoms in common, particularily physical symptoms, but the difference is that stress is a response to actual events or circumstances and anxiety involves perceived threats.   

Therapy for Anxiety

Therapy has an important role to play in providing effective help to deal with anxiety because it addresses the cause of anxiety as well as how it affects you. At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin Mary is an experienced therapist who utilises a variety of therapeutic techniques and approaches to help deal deal effectively with the various manifestations of anxiety and how it affects you personally.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which is a Counselling and Psychotherapy approach, is useful for addressing negative thinking and various cognitive distortions. CBT helps you to to retrain your brain to think and respond differently. This process can be helped by utilising relaxation techniques, because relaxation lowers emotional arousal and helps you to think more clearly. The process can also be helped by utilising Mindfulness techniques which help to ground you in the present and also can prevent you spiralling into negativity. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can also be useful. This can enhance the effectiveness of the CBT because hypnotherapy addresses the unconscious mind where the automatic negative thoughts and emotions arise.

Hypnotherapy also has an important role to play in anxiety treatment, in cases where there is a pattern of recurrent or specific anxiety. Hypnotherapy techniques can be utilised to break these patterns, which is important in achieving lasting benefit. Hypnotherapy is also beneficial for programming in new behaviour, eg feeling at ease and confident in situations that previously were uncomfortable. 

Hypnotherapy can also be very effective in alleviating physical manifestations of anxiety or conditions such as IBS that are exacerbated by anxiety.

Guided imagery and visualisation can help you to use your imagination in a positive way, as opposed to worrying; and can also help you to rewire your brain and create new neural pathways for thinking and feeling more positive and happy going forward.

Learning self-help techniques and how to build resilience is also important for lasting emotional health and well-being. And at Solution Focused Therapy Dublin anxiety management may be an integral part of the treatment process. 

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin Mary is an experienced Hypnotherapist Counsellor and Psychotherapist, (previously a nurse). Mary utilises all these evidence-based approaches to provide the most effective help, tailored to the individual needs of each client.

If you are looking for effective help to deal with anxiety, contact Mary at Solution Focused Therapy Dublin and she will be happy to help you and discuss 

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 I went to Mary for counselling to try and sort out my own  issues as I was having problems in my relationship, feeling anxious and confused.  Mary suggested that we include some hypnotherapy in the sessions, which was great and it was a nice way to end the sessions. She taught me a lot about how to deal with thoughts and feelings and different techniques that are very useful.  Although I still get negative thoughts sometimes, I can stop myself going into a downward spiral by using these techniques. I feel better in myself now and able to move ahead with my relationship without all the worrying anymore. Thank you" Maria (Dublin) 

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