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At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin Anger Management can give you effective help to deal with and eliminate anger and all its effects, whatever the cause. Mary is an experienced therapist who can help you deal with anger issues however it affects you personally. Mary can help you by teaching you how to diffuse and control anger and how to manage stress and exacerbating factors; and help you identify  and break the patterns of anger-related behaviour, helping you to feel calm and in control. 


Anger is a normal human emotion. It is part of the 'fight or flight' survival mechanism which evolved to help us when faced with threat or attack. The pulse races, adrenalin surges, breathing gets faster and shallow, blood surges to the muscles of the legs and arms, and the body gets flooded with stress hormones.

But it is problematic when anger becomes excessive and manifests in uncontrollable outbursts. It can ruin lives as work and relationships suffer. Excessive anger can sometimes have an obvious trigger, but also can seem to occur out of the blue. It always results from stress or an underlying issue that needs to be addressed with therapy.

There are various stressful circumstances such as feeling overtired, ill or hungry or undergoing hormonal changes, that can lead us to have a lower tolerance for irritations that can then accumulate into angry feelings and outbursts. For example, we may get frustrated or irritated with the boss, but have to keep those feelings to ourselves, which leaves them circulating with no obvious way of being discharged. We may become more and more wound up by little annoyances that build up over the day until we reach a point when we snap over something seemingly trifling. 

Sometimes people have a tendency towards anger because of chronic low self-esteem which may stem from negative circumstances during childhood. As adults, they may never feel good or worthy enough and tend to lash out if they perceive themselves as slighted in any way. 

More often than is realised, anger is triggered by an underlying suppressed emotion relating to a perhaps forgotten experience.  

Therapy for Anger

Therapy has an important role to play in helping to control anger and achieving lasting benefit by dealing with all the contributory factors and stopping angry outbursts recurring. At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin Mary is an experienced Hypnotherapist Counsellor and Psychotherapist who can give you effective help with anger management. Contact Mary at Solution Focused Therapy Dublin and she will be happy to help you and discuss 

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"Mary, thanks so much for helping me. The angry reactions have stopped completely and my relationship is getting better now. I was a bit sceptical at first when you thought this could be achieved in just three or four sessions, but it did work out and I am so relieved.”

Peter (Bray)

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