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Good emotional health is about being well-balanced in how we feel and how we cope with life and circumstances, and is consistent with having our essential emotional needs met in balance.

These innate emotional needs include security, friendship, attention, privacy, social connection, status, autonomy & control, achievement and meaning and purpose in life. If we can have these emotional needs met in balance, at least most of the time, this is the key to good emotional health and well-being.

Emotional needs, in particular the need for purpose in life, is also linked to physical health benefits which point in various ways to a longer healthier life.

Fortunately we are also born with the innate resources to help us get those emotional needs met, but we need to use those resources correctly to do so. 

At Solution Focused Therapy Dublin, we can help you to understand your emotional needs and how to utilise your innate resources and unique strengths to get those essential needs met, in order to feel good and have a life that works well.

Mary Spierin MA, ADHP, Couns Psych Dip, SRN, RPN, SCM

Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist at Solution Focused Therapy Dublin

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