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How to Rewire your Brain brain neurons

Neurons that fire together wire together

Your behaviour and how you think and feel has a lot to do with how your brain is wired. However, if you would like to change that – for example to change a habit or set yourself a specific goal or to change how happy you feel – the good news is that you can rewire your brain for lasting positive change.

It may be possible to achieve this by

yourself or otherwise with professional help.

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Dealing with Stress stress

The first step in stress management is recognising stress and having a strategy for dealing with stress on a regular basis to prevent it from building up.

Aerobic exercise can help you to burn off stress hormones and to release endorphins, the 'feel good' hormones. If you chose an exercise that you enjoy you are more likely to keep it up. And eating a healthy diet can help you to combat stress. Getting adequate

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What is Mind-Body Therapy? Stress management icon

Mind-body therapy is complementary therapy that utilises the healing potential of the mind on physiological systems of the body.

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The Need for a Purpose in Lifeachievement

Having a purpose in life - having goals and objectives that give life meaning and direction - is linked to many psychological and physical health benefits.

Purpose in life is an emotional need, as outlined on the Psychological Well-Being Scale. Having this need for purpose met, not only has psychological benefits in itself, such as a sense of achievement and personal growth; but can also help you to get other emotional needs met, such as connectedness to the wider community and giving and receiving attention, a core element of

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